Production Facilities


Karl MAYER Sizing
We have brand new state of the art most modern and advanced Karl MAYER high performance sizing machine.
Karl MAYER Sizing

We have total 136 looms under one roof, out of them 25 Looms are Jacquard 

Dobby & Jacquard Shuttleless Vamatex
Toyota Airjet Dobby Looms Model 2021-22

Dyeing and Finishing Department

We have a wide range of dyeing facilities including reactive , vat, disperse & yarn dyeing. The company is also equipped with the facility of antimicrobial process. We have recently added brand new MCS Soft-flow, Pentek Tumblers / finishing machines as well thus adding value to our dyeing unit.

MCS Soft Flow
Pentek Tumblers

Cutting, Sewing, Stitching & Packing Department

We are fully equipped with brand new completely automatic long hemming German machines “ Texpa “ and brand new Japanese short hemming machines. We also have an in-house facility of velour/shearing and embroidery.

Velour/Sharing and Embroidery Department

Quality Control

We are certified with ISO 9001/2015 which guides us to follow the quality protocols in all aspects, assuring the standards and required quality of all products through a professional quality team.